China vows efforts to keep grain output stable in 2020
China will work to keep grain production stable this year and improve planting structure, an official document said. Efforts will be made to ensure grain production to remain above 650 million tonnes, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said in a document outlining key tasks of planting for the year. The combined planting area of the country’s three major grains — rice, wheat and corn — should stay above 93 million hectares, according to the document.
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Where is infestation happening in the supply chain
“The industry is full of HACCP certificates that offer nothing more than a hanging paper. The industry is full of fumigation certificates that do not certify successful treatments. Papers do not solve problems. Accurately designed processes and precision application will keep the brand safe. Modern technology offers solutions, we should use every weapon available!”
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Iraq seeks to increase its grain stockpile
Iraq’s Trade Ministry is in need of more money from the budget to build three months’ supply in its strategic wheat and rice stockpiles in the face of the country’s growing coronavirus problems. Months of political deadlock have already delayed budget approvals for Iraq, a major Middle East grain importer.
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