Argentine wheat crop forecast cut to 19.8 mln tonnes
Argentina’s 2019/20 wheat harvest is expected at 19.8 million tonnes, the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange said in its crop report, citing bad weather as the reason for cutting its previous 21 million-tonne forecast.
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Baking Technologies in Bakery, Pasta and Biscuit Industry
Baking is the last and most important stage of production for bread and biscuits. The last of the bread production stages is the baking process in which the dough gains a light, porous, easily digestible and delicious structure under the influence of heat. * Black Sea wheat prices seen attractive, quality improving
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Increasing Demand for Bread and Bakery Products Will Bolster Additive Market
“Bread improvers are traditionally used to reduce the time required for flour dough to rise and to enhance its workability. However, with heavy investment in R&D, new practices are emerging rapidly. For instance, when certain enzymes, are added to the dough, it reduces the protein solubility. Thus, they enhance both taste and nutritional profile of the product. Some of the other emerging applications include protein-based fat replacements, flavor enhancements, textural improvements, and prolonging shelf life.”
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