The effects of exhibition sector on Biscuit, Pasta and Bread facilities
Fairs are essential parts of marketing efforts in many type businesses ranging from multinational companies to small family businesses. Companies use these fairs as an opportunity to meet existing and potential companies for face-to-face meetings while developing new businesses.
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Baked by Melissa launches vegan cupcake collection
Bite-sized cupcake bakery Baked by Melissa has announced the release of its first-ever vegan cupcake assortment, available at all of its store locations and online for nationwide shipping.
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Online cookie sales boost business for bakeries
One of the offshoots of the rising popularity in cookies in America has been an explosion of online options for cookie lovers. Insomnia Cookies already has more than 158 locations nationwide in 40 states and the District of Columbia. Insomnia Cookies is a rapidly expanding late-night bakery. In 2019 alone, Insomnia Cookies has opened 12 locations, and plans to open more before the year ends, including locations like West Hollywood, California; Jacksonville, Florida; and Worcester, Massachusetts.
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