USDA projects EU wheat exports at highest level in 4 years
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) projected EU wheat exports to rebound to 28.0 million tons due in large part to its bigger crop in its October World Grain Markets and Trade report.
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Save your energy
Having to start and stop equipment manually means having longer times when you grain isn’t processed. You start the motors in an operation, from last to first, and you have to make sure the equipment is running in regime (in normal stable operation) before starting the next one. If you do it by instinct, you will naturally wait a little more than required, just because of the fear of getting a clog in the system and have your boss screaming at you. An automatic system can be calibrated to wait just the minimum, thus saving valuable time that would be otherwise wasted running machines empty.
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Saudi Arabia’s SALIC plans to acquire a Black Sea grain terminal
Saudi Arabia’s SALIC is conducting due diligence on several projects in the Black Sea region and is looking to acquire a grain terminal there, its managing director told Reuters. SALIC, the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co, was formed in 2011 to secure food supplies for the desert kingdom, the world’s top oil exporter, through mass production and foreign investments.
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