Generating Consistency
Handling of ingredients from the time they are received until they enter the processing line is a critical component of any bakery or snack manufacturing facility. Processors today are more concerned about being able to track lots, and they demand efficiencies and consistencies that automated ingredient handling systems can provide.
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Creating functional, sustainable puff pastries
The baking industry is on the search for functional, sustainable ingredients in puff pastries. A functionality test from QUALISOY found that high oleic soybean shortening meets that need. Soy-based solutions performed on par with butter, the gold standard for puff pastries.
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Gluten-free flour finds a foothold in society
Gluten-free has become commonplace in today’s food scene, but it is often still met with curiosity and caution by those whose everyday diets don’t require it. Food allergies and food intolerances are a growing public health concern causing higher consumer demand of products that are tailored to meet special dietary requirements.
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